25 November 2018

2018 RAM POWER WAGON LONG-TERM UPDATE 3 - from Motor Trend

2018 Power Wagon w/Ram Box

I like to think America's love of the automobile is tied up with the freedom it represents. The car allows you to travel far and wide, on your schedule. To me, few vehicles encompass that sense of freedom more than our long-term 2018 Ram 2500 Power Wagon. It really is capable of driving anywhere and doing just about everything. And—to be quite honest—when driving other vehicles, I often can't help but think about the next adventure the Power Wagon and I will take.

While I work up to the Power Wagon's next journey into the wilderness for a future update, I wanted to use this space to catch you up on some odds and ends from the past couple months and few thousand miles of living with the Power Wagon, including test data, fuel economy figures, and finding an excuse to use the Power Wagon's Warn winch.

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